May 30, 2018


  • A student who abandons his/her studies for a Semester with no just cause shall have his/her studentship suspended. Such a student shall have to write to Senate for reinstatement.  If reinstatement is approved, the student shall be asked to settle in full the fees for the Semester missed.
  • A student who absents himself/herself for two consecutive semesters without just cause shall automatically forfeit his/her studentship.
  • Any student who fails to register for courses by the final deadline prescribed by Senate in the University Calendar shall not be allowed to take any examination in such courses.
  • Any student who registers for courses but fails to register for examinations for no just cause shall be scored 0% in those courses for which he/she registered.
  • For a candidate to qualify to sit or write an examination in a course, he/she must have attained at least seventy percent (70%) attendance at lectures, tutorials and practical.
Faculty Of Basic Medical Science
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