May 30, 2018


Research in the department of Anatomy can be listed under the following topics:

  1. Neurosciences
  2. Biomechanics and Anthropometrics
  3. Gross Human Anatomy
  4. Histochemistry
  5. Reproduction and Endocrinology
  6. Teratology and Developmental Biology
  7. Cytogenetics
  8. Cell Biology and Histology

These topics can be further grouped into specific areas such as:

  1. Neurosciences –  Environmental impact on cognition.
  2. Anthropology and Growth studies
  3. Research dealing with various aspects of microscopic and sub microscopic organization of biological structures
  4. Studies on molecular, cellular, histological, biochemical and histochemical studies on normal and experimental animals
  5. Functional morphological and behavioral studies
  6. Reproductive and developmental biology
  7. Comparative dermatoglyphics studies
  8. Effects/mechanism of action of anti-prostatic enlargement herbs
  9. Effects/mechanism of action of anti-diabetes herbs.
  10. Gross Anatomy study of variations of structures as in Africans compared to those already given in most anatomical textbooks.
Department of Anatomy
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