May 30, 2018


The Physiology Department of Obafemi Awolowo College of Health Sciences (OACHS) started with the creation the college in 1983.  For many years, the Department was located with the other Basic Medical Sciences Department at the now called mini-campus at Ago –Iwoye.

In May 2002, the three Departments of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences were relocated to their present site at Ikenne.

The Department of Physiology is very important because the subject Physiology is about the normal functions of the body which must be known before the abnormal body functions can be appreciated.  From 1983-2005, the Department was actively involved in teaching physiology to the 200 level and 300 level Medical Students.  In the year 2006 however, a new degree programme called B.Sc Mediccal Sciences Programme was started.  The department is now involved in teaching physiology both in lectures and practicals to 200 levels to 400 level B.Sc Medical Sciences Students.

This student handbook is to give information to the Medical and B.Sc Medical Science Students on the various courses both lecture


Department of Physiology
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