May 30, 2018


 The following standard terminologies shall be used for different categories of courses:

(a) Compulsory: Courses specified by a Department, Faculty or the University                                    which a student must take and pass.

(b) Required:      Courses specified by a Department which students must take.                                          The minimum standard to be attained by students offering such                                    courses is 30%

(c)   Elective:    Courses specified by a Department which a student can take                                 in order to make up the required additional units for the            award of the degree.

(d)   Pre-requisite: A course whose knowledge is essential prior to taking    another                                   specified course.


(e)    Concurrent:  Specified courses at the same level which must be taken the                                   same Semester.

  1. Appropriate prerequisites and / or concurrent requirement may be prescribed for courses.  A prerequisite requirement is fulfilled by completing and passing the prerequisite; except that a student who fails a course but obtains at least a specified minimum standard in it shall be deemed to possess the course for prerequisite purposes but will not be credited with any units in it.  A concurrent requirement will be satisfied if the student has either taken the course on a previous occasion or registered for the course within the same semester.
  2. All courses taught during each semester shall normally be examined at that semester, and candidates will be credited with the number of course units assigned to the course for which they have passed the examinations.
  3. All courses shall be examined by continuous assessment through assignments and/or tests.  The marks scored through such continuous assessments shall not constitute more than 30% of the total marks for the course.
  4. In each semester, to be qualified for full time studentship, a student shall register for courses totaling not less than 12 units.  No student shall however register for courses totaling more than 18 units per semester.  However, in exceptional cases and with the approval of the Provost/Dean of the College/Faculty, a student may be allowed to register for courses totaling not more than 24 units
  5. A student who fails to obtain 10 units at the end of the first year, 20 units by the end of the second year. 30 units by the end of the third year 40 units by the end of the fourth year respectively shall be required to withdraw from the University
  6. A student authorized to transfer from the Department to another shall be credited with those units passed that are within the curriculum of the new Department or Faculty.
  7. (a)  A student who has taken more than two academic years in excess of the approved minimum period of study to complete a degree programme shall not normally be eligible for a Honours classification.

(b)    A student who has spent up to six (6) Semesters in excess of the approved minimum period and has failed to complete a degree programme shall have his studentship determined.

8.Degrees shall be classified as First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (Upper or Lower Division) Third Class Honours and Pass.

9.(i)   The Grade Point Average System shall be used for the determination of the          class mark and the class Degree

(ii)   In order to obtain the Grade Point Average candidate, the appropriate          index (Grade Point) assigned to each range of numerical mark is        multiplied by the course unit and the product is added up for all courses        registered for, the total is divided by the total number of units registered        for in the programme.

(iii)  The final aggregate mark for a course shall be a whole number.  Letter        grades and grade points shall be awarded on the basis of the final        aggregate marks as follows.


Letter Grade                                    Grade Points                           Mark

A                                                        5                                   70 – 100

B                                                          4                                  60 – 69

C                                                          3                                  50 – 59

D                                                         2                                  45 – 49

E                                                         1                                  40 – 44

F                                                        0                                  0 – 39

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